Bear and Marmot in Germany and the Czech Republic

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• So where did we go? A map

Around Prague Castle

• Fun Soviet-era Architecture in Berlin, Dresden, and Prague

Ah, Europe in the summer... the heat... the humidity... the swarms of tour groups and tourists.

Fortunately we missed all that.

Chris and I took a trip "over there" in September of 1997, with the expressed purpose of having fun and seeing what all that fuss was about Prague. Hey, as Generation-X Americans, we had to go to Prague. And Berlin, and Munich, and a few cities that aren't ever written up in any travel section on this side of the Atlantic...

We've taken many pictures, most of which are about 50K in size, so they won't take that long to download. I'll warn you, though: while many Americans go gaga over dancing clocks and dusty medieval stuff, Chris and I aren't among them. Both of us find the 20th century to be completely fascinating, and it's right at hand in places like Berlin, Dresden, and Prague.

So come with us! On the next page, we start with our adventures in Berlin.

If you're interested in where we went, here's a map of the journey.

Chris in Train Car

Chris says "Yay! Ich bin in Deutschland!" We've just landed, and are heading from Düsseldorf airport to Cologne for the night.

Of course, the best thing about this picture is that Chris' shirt matches the colors of the seat exactly...

There's some neat train stuff here: The train car is furnished in mid-1990's style... this Deutsche Bahn train car is an InterRegio car, which is used for local service in a region. The car is wonderfully thought-out: the headrest wings are great for snoozing against, every passenger has a coat hook, and when you leave you're not likely to forget your luggage because the shelves are glass. The glass shelves and the mirrors above the seat make the car feel light and airy. It really feels homey, like a living room or eating nook--right down to the fabric curtains.

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