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Some notes and pictures on plants: my garden, some plant-focused trips, some things I think are interesting!

 Recent Hiking

Railroad Grade Hike, Mt Baker WA, July 2005
To the Easton Glacier on the south slopes of Mt Baker

This moderate hike was to see the Easton Glacier on the south side of Mt Baker, about 75 miles north of Seattle, on a cool summer day.


Carbon River Glacier, October 2003
A short hike to the foot of a glacier on Mt Rainier.

Great fall colors... and mushrooms.  Gets my vote for the best fall hike around.

Jade and Marmot Lakes, September 2003
Off to explore the mountains just east of Seattle.

An out-and-back with Steve to Jade Lake (left), a wonderful glacial-fed lake we had all to ourselves.  And it was huckleberry season, too... yum!

Olympic National Park, August 2003
To the not-quite-wettest place in the United States.

This hike that Brian and I did took us along the Sol Duc loop, with tons of wildflowers and wonderful vistas.  We even saw an Olympic marmot!

 Older Trips

Sierra Nevada Hiking, August 2001

This time, it's to the high country near Mammoth Mountain.


Pinnacles National Monument Hiking, March 2001

A great hike to see wildflowers and enjoy the scenery near Salinas on the central coast of California.

We took a short walk through the exotic South African and Australian plants here...

Chile, November 1999

This still is the most fantastic adventure--incredible scenery, great food, remote wilderness... and a sense of 'why don't more people come down here!  It's magnificent!'  We spent two weeks exploring Santiago, the Lakes district, and Patagonia, and want to go back and see more!

Sierra Nevada Hiking, August 1998

Jack, Dr Rocks, and I head out to the High Sierras, a few hours drive east of San Jose in northern California.

Death Valley Spring Wildflower Road Trip, February 1998

Not a hike, per se... but after one of the rainiest El Ni´┐Żo winters, Death Valley wildflowers were blooming everywhere.  We took a roadtrip in the trusty Pathfinder to see them with a few buddies from LA.

Sierra Nevada Backpacking, July 1990

An old backpacking trip to the same place we went to in 1998--Graveyard Lakes and Peter Pande Lake, in the Silver Divide country of the Sierras.