Sierra Nevada Backpacking - Return to Graveyard Lakes

24 - 28 August 1998

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At Graveyard Lakes

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There's a place in the Sierras that I first went to twenty years ago... and I keep on going back. It's not too far away, but far enough away that most people don't know about it.

This August, August of 1998, I took two buddies, Mike from Phoenix and Jack from Chicago up on a little adventure to the Sierra Nevada mountains. It was great fun... the wildflowers were blooming, the air was fresh... and the mosquitoes were biting. Thanks, El Niño.

Our destination was Peter Pande Lake, just over a ridge from the Graveyard Lakes... needless to say, nature conspired against us, and we didn't get up there this time. But I'll be going back... sometime when I'm in a bit better shape. Hey, I'm not the teenage cross-country runner I was twenty years ago in high school...

So here's the little picture story of us on our trip. Enjoy!

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Below: Jack next to what might be called a White Man's Campfire... (in other words, it's a bit too large!)



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