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Welcome. Most of this web page is now old and I haven't had the time to really clean it all up!

Best place to look is in the Log above, and go from month to month:

The rest of this stuff is just for clean up later... which at the current rate I'm going will be 2006 sometime...

17 August

Chris has written a first attempt at a FAQ, and started compiling a complete list of where we stayed.

3 July

You know, I haven't been keeping this very up to date. But I have been keeping an online journal. You can read the June journal here.

22 Apr

Pictures from around Canberra.

12 Apr

Some pictures from today.

11 Apr

A short web gallery of pictures.  I need to do more posting.  This gallery is of our day in Melbourne at the Garden and Flower Show and the Melbourne Museum.

26 Mar

Chateau de Cardboard Sillyness: I've decided to do a series on great box wines of Australia.  Ostensibly, this is to find out which wine is the best to take on a four week 4WD bush tour.  Yeah, right.

20 Mar

Waterfall Bay Hike, Tasman NP, Tasmania

Chris and I hiked along the eastern coast of Tasmania, near Port Arthur.

25 Feb

OK, I've been lazy.  Haven't fixed the links up top, really.  But today I've uploaded pictures from our hike to the top of Australia.  Click the link below.

Hike to the top of Mt Kosciuszko, 19 Feb 2002

We met up with our buddy Neville from Auckland and took a roadtrip to hike up Australia's highest mountain, Mt Kosciuszko!

10 Feb

4WD in the Blue Mountains, 10 Feb 2002

Chris and Dan take a short 4WD day tour of the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

6 Feb

Dan and Chris are right now in Sydney, wishing it wasn't so rainy and wet!  It's rained 83mm (3.25 inches) since 9am yesterday morning, and 213mm (8.3 inches) since Monday at 3am.  Where's summer?  Waaa!  And right now, at 4:45pm on Wednesday 6 Feb, it's *still* raining.  We haven't even really seen our shadows!

That's it for now.