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Here are a few pictures of me... if you haven't seen enough of me already!

I was born and raised in Southern California, in a city called Thousand Oaks about forty miles west of Los Angeles. Thousand Oaks is a nice, boring place, a "good place to raise a family".  We lived on the edge of Point Mugu State Park. We'd ride our bikes all the way through the park canyons to the beach during the summer, catching lizards and snakes and putting them in gutted out console TV sets with a layer of sand and a lightbulb.

In high school, I was a major geek; I learned how to PEEK and POKE around an Apple II and listened to a lot of Devo. So, does anyone out there remember me from high school? I hope not.

Straight out of high school I went to the University of Southern California on an Air Force ROTC scholarship. I graduated on the four-year plan, was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Air Force, and was stationed at exotic Los Angeles Air Force Base (motto: Beach Volleyball is Physical Training, too).
But like all good TV series, my tour in grueling Los Angeles had to come to an end, so the Air Force asked me in 1991 where I wanted to go: the Pentagon, Colorado Springs, or Sunnyvale, California. So I moved north to the Bay Area.

For the first year, I was a spacecraft operations officer. Then I decided to bail on the Air Force and joined Claris Corporation, doing support and testing for Macintosh products. The Mac in 1992 *was* more fun than Windows 3.1. Let's just get that clear.

In 1995, I joined Microsoft, where I worked on Internet Explorer. Then, after getting tired of the Browser Wars, I moved to WebTV. I worked on a product called Microsoft TV, an operating system and environment for cable and satellite television recievers.

In January 2002 I left Microsoft, and plan to take a year off, go to Australia, and do a big road trip with Chris around the country! Send me an email if you wanna know more!