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Some notes and pictures on plants: my garden, some plant-focused trips, some things I think are interesting!

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UC Santa Cruz Arboretum

Late May in Santa Cruz... wandering through the South African and Australian plants collection.  Lots of proteas and very odd looking plants

Pinnacles National Monument Hiking, March 2001

A great hike to see wildflowers and enjoy the scenery near Salinas on the central coast of California.

We took a short walk through the exotic South African and Australian plants here...

 Older stuff

Chile, November 1999

This still is the most fantastic adventure--incredible scenery, great food, remote wilderness... and a sense of 'why don't more people come down here!  It's magnificent!'  We spent two weeks exploring Santiago, the Lakes district, and Patagonia, and want to go back and see more!

Death Valley Spring Wildflower Road Trip, February 1998

After one of the rainiest El Niņo winters, Death Valley wildflowers were blooming everywhere.  We took a roadtrip in the trusty Pathfinder to see them with a few buddies from LA.