Vacation to Chile

13 Nov - 1 Dec 1999

Miscellaneous Pictures

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Santiago and the Lake District is on this page; Patagonia is on the next page.

 Around Santiago

At La Campaña National Park. This is one of the last two remaining groves of Chilean palms.

Chris in Santiago across the street from the Fine Arts Museum.

Lakes Region

This is the Termas de Puyehue resort. Chile has lots of hot-springs resorts.

This view is looking down the front path to the Andes, still snow covered in late spring.

Looking across the river to Valdivia.


Pucón gets special mention... a little secret spot that's a great getaway. We could easily buy a summer house there... then we could completely avoid winter!

Here I am in the middle of the street in Pucón. That little cafe to the left has great desserts; we spent a few afternoons having tea at a sidewalk table and watching people.

Chris on the hike up to the Cañi Reserve. Plant-lovers, note the quilay on his right. This solid-stemmed bamboo grows everywhere in the forest wherever there's even a little bit of light.

Here we pause after a hike to the araucaria forests in the Cañi Nature Preserve near Pucón. Araucaria trees may be better known to English speakers as monkey puzzle trees. These odd conifers were a favorite of Victorian gardners in the UK. Here in the US, you can find them in Seattle and Portland front yards, where they often add thousands of dollars to the property's value.

On the trail back down out of the Cañi.

Conguillío National Park

Lots of big araucaria, growing out of pure volcanic soil.

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