Japan 2001 (Solo)

These are a few pictures I took when I visited Japan in October, 2001. Although the pictures have been cropped here and there, no other edits were performed (heck, I don't have a copy of Photoshop or anything remotely like it); please bear with some of the heinous color problems.

All pictures are in alphabetical, not chronological order.

This is (surprise) a branch of some kind, near a temple of some kind, most likely near Kyoto.

Hidden in the middle of one of the older temple districts, not too far from the Path of Philosophy, was this classy hotel.

Sadly, I only got a chance to sleep with just one Japanese while I was in Japan. Check it out!

I can't remember which train station this is, but it's probably Shinjuku station in the early afternoon, during the week.

This delightful scene is actually an advertisement for a parking lot near Nikko.

Unbelievably, I did see actual geisha in Kyoto. I tried my best not to bother them by taking a picture, which is why you don't see too much here.

What the fuck? This is Gibraltar. Guess I should change the film in my camera more often! Look for Africa in the distance.

The stereotypical temple in Kyoto, this baby's covered in gold leaf. Woohoo!


Enid, hon, you never looked so good. From the movie theaters near the Yebisu Beer Museum.

Himeji Castle.

Again, I have no idea where this is...

... just as I have no idea where this is. As you can see, it was early autumn this October.

About a five minute walk from Kyoto train station was this newly build addition to an ancient monastery.

A very small portion of the magnificent feast served to me in my Kyoto ryokan. The most perplexing part was the small serving of what looked like six pinto beans in a bong of some kind.

Guess I just have a love of European architecture that's seen better days...

... not unlike this hideous school building that could very well have been built in Chisinau, not Kyoto. Go figure. Guess Soviet style will never die.

Thus must have been yet another temple in Kyoto.

The astute will notice that this picture is not right side up.


Yet another gigantonormous Shinto shrine, this one in the NE of Kyoto.

Motto Parco, Hiroshima. This really should have looked artier but I kinda suck with pictures. Across the street from Okonomiyaki-mura.

Yup, that's the original Nintendo company building in Kyoto.

This isn't Japan.

From the love hotel in Kyoto comes this EZ-Read™ sign.

Yet another out of place picture, I think this is probably Ronda, Andalucia.

The last thing I ate before leaving the country was my first ever serving of takoyaki.

Again, another temple near Kyoto. Getting tired of this yet? Would it help if you had to pay 1200 to enter each and every one of 'em?

The best ice cream cone ever, downstairs from the Shinjuku HMV.

A blurry picture of the Tokyo skyline.