Dear [First Name],

During the holiday season, many wineries shamelessly exploit the feelings of fraternity and good will, which you will undoubtedly be demonstrating so selflessly this holiday season. Let us assure you, your friends at Bonny Doon Vineyard would never stoop to such shameless tactics.

We would, however, like to reward our best customers, such as $email$ by extending this highly personalized, unique and one-time offer* of FREE SHIPPING! on website orders of 6 or MORE REGULAR-SIZE BOTTLES until 12/30/02.

This is by no measure a shameless mass mailing to every Tom, Dick and $email$ that, in a moment of weak giddiness, found their way onto our electronic mailing list, but rather a subtle, unique and highly personalized offer of FREE SHIPPING! on website orders of 6 or MORE REGULAR-SIZE BOTTLES until 12/30/02. As very subtly hinted at above, this special, unique, one-time offer* is being extended only to our most highly valued customers1.

We know that you,, undoubtedly receive dozens of unsolicited and shameless electronic offers from transparently insincere marketers intent on separating you from discretionary income which you have already allocated to, but not heretofore spent on, Bonny Doon wines.

We would like to thank you, $email$ for resisting such offers. Have we yet mentioned you can now get FREE SHIPPING! on website orders of 6 OR MORE REGULAR-SIZE BOTTLES until 12/30/02! It's our way of thanking you, for your enduring, boundless and unquestioned support.

Most Sincerely,
[The Grahm Crew]

  1. Though we certainly encourage you to forward this highly personalized and unique offer to all of your friends, family and colleagues, and especially the particularly wealthy ones.

    * In Q4 2002

And if you're in the vicinity, be sure to visit one of our tasting rooms!

Note: If you prefer NOT to receive our email notifications about upcoming events, irresistible offers and occasional Dooniana, *deleted* or reply to this email with the words "Unsubscribe Me" in the subject line and we'll never again darken your inbox, except to update you about an order, of course.


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